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(Registration open for third batch- weekday till Apr 02' 2017)
(Registration open for third batch- weekend till Apr 02' 2017)

About CFP Credentials FPSB India: Rated as Gold Standard in Financial Planning, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER or CFP is an international certification programme in the lucrative field of financial planning, wealth management and financial advisory services. As the Indian Financial Industry is transforming and maturing, professional financial planners have become an imminent need. In India, leading industry giants from financial services sector have been promoting the concept of financial planning among the customers and professionals.

About CFP CM Certification: CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCMcertification programme makes you competent to provide strategic advice in regard to investment, insurance, tax, retirement & estate needs and enables you to plan and fulfill such needs.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Certification is a: Mark of Quality – The World Over. Tested for competency, education, examination & work experience. Committed to code of ethics & rules of professional conduct. Highest level of certification globally in the field of financial planning.

About FPSB India – The Certification Awarding Body

   FPSB India is the principal licensing body that awards        CFP Certification in India.
   It is an affiliate of Financial Planning Standard Board (FPSB) based in Denver, U.S.

   It provides a pathway for members to develop the necessary skills & knowledge to become successful financial planners.

Certified Financial Planner CM Certification is:
1.   In Demand: Preferred, supported, recognized and promoted by 50 Companies that are known as Charter Members of FPSB India.
2.   Credible: Rated as Gold Standard by Wall Street Journal

3. Globally Recognized: The most recognized and respected financial planning certification in 24 countries

In India, CFP recipients are in demand in the following fields:

• Banks                                                             • Wealth Management Companies

• Stock Broking Firms                                         • Investment Advisory Services

• Financial Planning Services                               • Life and General Insurance

• Accounting and LawFirms                                  • Asset Management Companies

• Credit Counseling Organisations

Program Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Planning

Financial Planning Process, Client Interactions, Time Value of Money Applications, Personal Financial Statements, Cash Flow and Debt Management, Asset Acquisition, Education Planning, Overview of Risk Management, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Special Circumstances, Plan Integration, Ethics and Business Aspects of Financial Planning.

Module 2: Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning

Risk Management and Insurance, Decisions in Personal Financial Planning, Identifying Client’s Exposures to Morality, Health,, Disability, Property, Liability and Long Term Care Risk is Emphasized, Selecting the Appropriate Risk Management Technique, Insurance Pricin, Various Insurance Policies & Strategies: General Insurance, Life Insurance, Motor Insurance, Medical Insurance, Insurance of Business Risk Regulation of Insurance Industry.

Module 3: Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits

Retirement Need Analysis Techniques, Development of Retirement Plans, Various Retirement Schemes such as: Employees Provident Fund (EPF), Public Provident Fund (PPF), Super Annuation Fund, Gratuity, Other Pension Plans, Post-retirement Counseling.

Module 4: Investment Planning

Risk Return Analysis, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, Asset Allocation, Investment Strategies, Portfolio Construction & Management , Regulation of an Investment Advisor.

Module 5: Tax and Estate Planning

Income Tax Computation, Capital Gain & Indexation, House Property, Deductions & Allowances, Non Resident Indian Tax Laws, Tax Management Techniques, Wills, Trust, Indian Succession Act, Power of Attorney, Joint Ownership of Property.

Module 6: Advanced Financial Planning

Establishing Client Planner Relationship, Analyse Client Objectives, Needs & Financial Situation, Developing the Financial Plan, Implementing the Financial Plan, Monitoring the Financial Plan

FPSB & NCFM registration DetailsFPSB registration fees of Rs. 12,000 Incl of Serv tax will be paid separately and examination fees to NSE will be paid by the participant as per their norms. (Module-2 to 5 will be Rs. 2500 per module and Module-6 will be Rs. 6000)

Program Offerings (CFP, V-Class):

       125 hours of training through V-Class

       Exhaustive study material

       Case Studies with Mock Tests

       Online Mock tests

       Doubt solving/ faculty interactions session through V-Class

       Financial Plan construction training by an industry practitioner

       Guest lectures by Industry experts

       Duration 5 to 6 months

Training Fee:      Rs. 34,500/- (incl. Service tax)                 (For Weekday V-classroom)
                            Rs. 38,000/- (incl. Service tax)                 (For Weekend V-classroom)
                            Rs. 21,999/- (incl. Service tax)                 (For e-learning)    
                            Rs.   6,500/- (incl. Service tax)                 (For Study material) Discontinued

Fee Payment modeCheque in favor of “ICICI Securities Limited”

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