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CFP - Honorarium by IFEM
CFP - Honorarium by IFEM 1. INR 1, 000 on Registration with FPSB India in Self Study Mode. 2. INR 250 on every qualified Exam 3. INR 500 on CFP completion. Note:- Filled application should be submitted to IFEM Delhi.
Cash Honorarium by IFEM f
Cash Honorarium by IFEM for CFP Candidates...... 1. INR 1, 000 on Registration with FPSB India in Self Study Mode. 2. INR 500 on every qualified Exam 3. INR 1, 000 on CFP completion. Note:- Filled application should be submitted/sent to IFEM Delhi by hand/courier. Rewards are given to promote and create awareness among candidates willing to enter BFSI Industry.
Honorarium for CFP applic
Honorarium for CFP applicants. Get INR 1, 000/- Honorarium for CFP registration in self study mode. Get INR 500/- Honorarium for each qualified exam module. Get INR 5, 000/- Honorarium on CFP completion. Note:- 1. Send the complete application form to IFEM for verification and further processing by FPSB. 2. Complete all the modules with in one year of FPSB registration for a honorarium of INR 5, 000/- For more details, visit us:- IFEM, Plot No. 2, IInd Floor, Kapil Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi. Tel:- 011-2735-5339 Join IFEM Notifications on Telegram:- https://t.me/ifemdelhi
Get CFP Credentials.  Get
Get CFP Credentials. Get trained form industry experts. About CFP:- 1. Globally Recognized : The most recognized and respected financial planning certification in 24 countries. 2. 50, 000+ Certified Financial Planner (CFP) required in Banking and Financial Industry 3. Preferred, Recognised, Supported and Promoted by 46 companies that are known as Charter Members of FPSB India. IFEM Benefits:- 1. Get Cash Honorarium of INR 1, 000/- on registration with FPSB India. 2. Get Honorarium of INR 500/- for every qualified exam module. 3. Get trained from Industry Experts through diff modes viz Online, Classroom, Workshop, Self-study etc.
CFP Salary/Payscale/Jobs
CFP Salary/Payscale/Jobs in India CFP is one of the recognized certification program in BFSI Industry. CFP Certification ensures ethical practices in the industry. CFP Certificants are working with various Financial Firms as Wealth Advisors, Portfolio Managers, HNIs RM etc. About 50% of CFPs work as independent advisors in Self-employed mode. Generally a Fresher with CFP credentials earns about 3-5Lakh/annum. After some experience about 2-3 years they can expect 7-9 Lakhs/annum. Overall CFP is best certification in the current scenario to work in BFSI as an advisor/planner etc For benefits of candidates IFEM provides honorarium of INR 1, 000/- for candidates registered in self employed mode. Also Cash Honorarium of INR 500/- provided for each qualified exam module. Contact IFEM for details.