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Why Certification???? CERTIFICATION: A HEALTHY DOSE FOR YOUR PROFESSIONAL FITNESS To put in simple words, certification can be described as a method to demonstrates your commitment and ability to learn, grow, and stay abreast of the latest development in your field. It not only inspires professionals to update their skills but also motivates them to go ahead of their certifications, which are bound to lapse in a few years. NEED TO CERTIFY YOURSELF - EVEN IF YOU HAVE RELEVANT EXPERIENCE & CERTIFICATION? Change is at the core of today’s professional world. With growing automation, evolving technology, and ever-changing job requirements, skills required for a particular role are evolving fast. Companies, nowadays, prefer versatile and dynamic professionals—irrespective of their experience. So, if you think you can relax once you have gained required education and experience, you are completely wrong! Instead, you must keep your learning curve steeper. There is no room for complacency. Here are a few reasons why you should consider certification. 1. To keep pace with the evolving job market and update your professional validity For a busy professional like you, it’s quite possible to lose track of the changing job needs and roles. Especially if you are an IT or finance professional, it is difficult for you to keep your fingers on the pulse all the time. Certification will not only enhance your skills and knowledge but will also update you about the changing professional needs and role requirements. 2. To shield layoffs Studies have revealed that most of the experienced professionals feel that certification and recertification go a long way in protecting them from layoffs. While giving an interview to TCG Hamilton, the HR head of a Bengaluru-based financial MNC revealed, “If we’re given an option to choose between two professionals with the equal experience and expertise, we will prefer the one having the latest valid certification.” When asked the reason behind it, she revealed, “Over the years, we have noticed that our clients always prefer working with those employees who have the latest know-how. And their certification is obviously a useful add-on to their professional caliber.” 3. To get an edge during the appraisal process Yes, your certification effort will be recognized during the appraisal process. Most of the companies consider salary cuts an effective way to retain their bottom line. However, with an updated certification, employees can better their position during the performance review and are likely to get what their skills are actually worth in the job market.
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